To my early readers, who are most likely my best friends and family ☺️, forgive me for repeating a story I’m sure you already know.  I’ve always loved books, stories and words. I’ll read anything from a law journal to the back of a battery pack, however, until recently it never occurred to me that I could live a life immersed in words and stories.

Although I wrote stories and letter like my kids, my true writing story began in 1993, when my mother’s best friend, who I also so fondly call my fairy Godmother, introduced me to the writers of the Harlem Renaissance era. I was sold, and read every book and article that I could, combining that love with my French studies through college and graduate school.

However, graduate school is where the detour began, although I often wonder whether perceived missteps are truly detours or actually part of the process to guide and teach us.

After a life-changing awakening during graduate school in Paris, I moved to Washington DC to begin law school, where I met the absolute love of my life and set about crafting a somewhat traditional life:  husband, two daughters, a bonus son and a thriving legal practice with a top firm in DC.  I worked my tail off in the firm, while having two daughters and my husband built his business.

During these years there were some gentle nudges that maybe I should be writing, like the time I was bedridden during my first pregnancy and I attempted to write a semi-cookbook, semi love story. Or the time that I worked to rewrite the treatment for my father’s musical. Or perhaps, the last twenty years keeping a daily journal that I began during graduate school.

Each year, the writing bug grew and grew so much that I literally cannot contain it anymore.

So here I am, mother of three amazing children, wife of one of the hardest working and brilliant entrepreneurs I’ve ever known, daughter of a singer and lawyer, a full time digital transactions/marketing lawyer and budding writer.

Yep, that’s me and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s taken me almost twenty years of ups, downs, imperfections and lots of questioning to get here, but guess what? It was worth every doggone tear because now I’ve found My Inner Sanctuary.

So here we are, learn a little more about being an “Unsettled Woman”  as I share with you my path to the Inner Sanctuary.  My hope, prayer and wish is that my stories and experiences will guide you to your own Inner Sanctuary.


Your Inner Sanctuary Guide, Farah

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  1. The love and kindness in your words literally jump from the page and have attached to my heart. Thank you for sharing you.


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