Manifesto # 1 – Be Easy on Yourself


When I decided to start writing, I promised myself that I would always be honest, transparent and authentic with you all. Ultimately, my goal is to get to the heart of what holds you all and myself back so that we can actually be women who refuse to be “settled”, but rather, women who are “unsettled” and unafraid of disrupting our personal situations to create life stories that truly and authentically depict who you and we are (notice I’m including myself in this group.. I’m right there with you girlfriend đŸ˜˜)!

Well, in all honestly, it’s taken me a long time to even write this second post because I wanted it to be perfect, and speak to exactly what you needed to hear. And I was beating myself up about not being able to just write it and publish it. I suffer from that irrational fear of being less than perfect..

Guess who was wasn’t being so nice to herself! Ding ding, ME! Which of course led me down this long circuitous path that ultimately made me question whether I should even writing a blog. I’m not even going to lie and tell you it’s easy to live by my manifesto, but I’m committed to myself and to you. So obviously, I’m not going to let my unrealistic sense of perfectionism derail me and I don’t want to let [fill in the blank with your issue] stop you, so let’s refocus on our manifestos and how I got myself back on the path to the Unsettled Life and My Inner Sanctuary…

1. Let me repeat Manifesto #1 – Be Easy on Yourself..You are not being easy on yourself if you let that little negative internal voice berate you. You are not being nice to yourself if you begin 90% of your sentences or thoughts with “I Can’t [fill in the blank] or “I Just Don’t Know If I Can..[fill in the blank]” and girlfriends, this is a big one..) comparing yourself to someone else…Just stop that. God made you who you are for a very specific purpose, he didn’t make you to be like anyone else. Be inspired by the amazingness of someone else, but let’s work on creating our own amazingness!

2. Everyone has something that holds them back from doing what they want, pray or hope for. Figure out what your obstacle is and study it. Seriously analyze and break down what your impediment is and then attack it however best you can. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. For me, I pray, then I put my headphones on and listen to whatever music is giving me the feels, get my dog, Baxie, and walk it out. After that, I make myself take one small step in the direction of my goal. And it can be sooo small, I don’t even care, but it’s one step. This time, my small step was looking at this website every day and then making one edit. (yep, that’s it)! But guess what, once I did one that one small thing, I’d broken past my perfectionist fear that held me back, and I could take another step and actually write this post. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you. Just take one small action and Be Easy on Yourself as you work through your obstacle. Remember, the world can be hard enough on you, I promise you do not need to be hard on yourself.

So let’s do it girlfriends, especially as we head into the holiday season which can be filled with such high stress and anxiety. Be Easy on Yourselves my loves and take one small step your goal before the new year.

Up next, Manifesto #2 – The Power of Exercise!

Talk soon,


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