Manifesto #2 – The Power of Exercise


Ok, can we all just agree that the idea of exercise isn’t always so pleasant. Don’t get me wrong, I do exercise pretty consistently, but sometimes it is a serious struggle! I mean, you have to wear special clothes, push yourself to do something you really don’t want to do, get sweaty – and, often IT HURTS! If you’re spinning, your tush hurts, if you’re running, you can’t breathe, if you’re lifting weights, your muscles feel like jelly, and if you’re doing HIIT then you literally feel like you will pass out at any moment.

I get it, I feel the same every time I step foot out of the house to run, spin or train. But ask yourself, what’s the common thread in all of these complaints?? Exercise is uncomfortable.

Well, let’s play a little analogy game. Exercise is to discomfort as Life is to discomfort. There’s a reason folks say exercise is akin to training for life. Exercise does exactly that..

1. First, you must disrupt and silence the little voice trying to talk you out of exercise…hmm, that sounds familiar. Like the same little voice that says you can’t do something or that you shouldn’t try something new. The little voice I hear typically says, “You shouldn’t try that, what if you fail?” You can easily substitute, “You shouldn’t go back to the gym or back to barre class, what if it hurts? What if you can’t keep up?”

2. Second, once you begin it hurts, and all you can do is tell yourself to breathe through it and keep going…I’m not even going to lie. Exercising is hard work, it DOES hurt and it is most definitely uncomfortable. However, I bet you’ve made it through each and every exercise class you’ve ever tried. Weren’t you able to do more than you thought you could? Life is exactly the same. Keep moving and keep breathing. One step at a time, just keep pushing through. Or as Dory, from Finding Nemo, always said, “Just keep swimming Dory [substitute your name here!]

3. Third, exercise reminds you that pain and discomfort don’t last forever, but is only a necessary condition to take you to the next level. I have never ever known a transition into a new role, higher position or anything new to be completely pain-free. Stretching yourself to do more and to disrupt your status quo IS uncomfortable, but I can tell you from experience that consistent exercise can and will change your perspective about your ability to persevere. And just like the pain derived from that dreaded spin class, the discomfort doesn’t last forever. You might even be sore for a few days after you finish, but guess what you did it and you’re well on your way to the next level.

Most of us set intentions or write resolutions about how much we are going to exercise, and we flood the gyms the first two months of the year. Since we “Unsettled Women” are really focusing on training for life, why not start now? Think about how ready for 2018 you’ll be if you can work in an extra 30-45 minutes of exercise into your schedule! Start with that, and mark my words, you will enter the holiday season and 2018 with a much different perspective, ready to hit the ground running, and prepared to soar to new heights. Let’s go👊🏾!

Talk soon!



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