Manifesto #3 – Let’s Eat!


I absolutely love food! I love to cook it, eat it and serve it. In addition to my day job, I study food preparation and how people react to my food. I want my guests to love everything I cook because I put so much love into its preparation.  Cooking may be my love language.

So, let’s talk about food because so many of us have such a love/hate relationship with it. And don’t get me wrong, as much as I love food, I too have my own food struggles (i.e. eating too much of the things I love).  The reality is this…

1. The primary purpose of food is to fuel you. Really, that’s it. Food isn’t going to avenge the boss who is driving you crazy or replace the friendships you might have lost.  It’s meant to strengthen every fiber of your mind and body. Now, that doesn’t mean what you eat has to be boring! Never that, but remember your body truly is both your machine and a temple. Love it and take care of it😉

2. Listen to your body. I mean really listen. I can guarantee you that your body did NOT  really tell you that it wanted brownies and potato chips every single day…Junk food once in a while is not a problem, but every day? Come on Inner Sanctuary girls. Remember, we are supposed to be practicing Manifestos #1 and #2, and we really do need to eat well in order to do that. On the flip side, if you’ve been eating lean and green and you sense your body needs some additional carbohydrates, listen to your body and eat it!

We are in the midst of the holiday season where I personally seem to like champagne above all else, so my plan is to double my water intake on a daily basis and eat largely plant based to counteract some of the holiday indulgences😉.

I’m not going to tell you what eating well for your body is, but I will say that eating well should include an abundance of water and vegetables. Perhaps start there by increasing  your water and vegetable intake each week. See where that takes you. My guess is, you’ll have more energy, greater focus and a sunnier perspective!

As I said, food can and should be an expression of love, so fuel yourself and your family with a healthy dose of love (and lovingly prepared healthy food)!

Happy Holidays!




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