Manifesto #4 – Do You Hear What I Hear?


Listening to yourself is an amazing gift and skill. It is one of the best presents you can give yourself.  And just like everything else we’ve chatted about, it is a skill that takes some work. Yet, my friends, it is so worth it, and I know you can do it. I mean you’re already working through Manifestos #1-3, so you’ve GOT THIS!

That little voice of yours is powerful, and while it’s small, it can determine and direct you towards happiness, clarity, authenticity, and your God given purpose OR it can lead you down a path and towards people that were never meant for you. So let’s talk about it…

1. First and foremost, you do have an inner voice. Maybe you’re not used to listening to it, but it’s there. Or maybe the noise around you is too loud to allow you to hear your voice. One of the easiest ways to turn on the inner voice frequency is by spending quiet time alone at the start of your day in prayer or meditation before all of the daily distractions start vying for your attention. Give yourself the attention and time that you deserve so that you can begin to create the life that you deserve.

2. Trust yourself. Aren’t we so quick to trust everybody but ourselves? I know I’m definitely guilty of giving credence to other people’s opinions and advice before trusting my own. But really, my Inner Sanctuary peeps…who really knows you the best? I’m not saying your best friend of the last 20 plus years doesn’t know you, she/he definitely does,  BUT, they only know so much about you. And, between us, wouldn’t you say that your people really only know as much about you as you allow them to know?  So my point is this, you know yourself better than anyone else, however, you have to trust that your self knowledge is more powerful than anyone else’s.

3. Action builds trust. What good is taking the time to listen to yourself and learning to trust your voice, if you don’t actually do what your inner voice directs you to do? Practice does make perfect. Start small, but do start. Like exercising builds muscle, you’re building the ability to hear, trust and act.

My friends, I know this is hard stuff and I don’t take what I’m suggesting lightly. However, as we approach the New Year, wouldn’t it be nice to start The year with a clear head tuned into your inner voice and ready to begin 2018 like nobody’s business? It’s going to be a New Year with the Real YOU!

Love you guys,




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