Manifesto #5 – Let’s Connect!

IMG_0546So, have you started hearing your inner voice yet? Maybe you have, or maybe the rush of the holiday season has made finding time even more difficult.  Or perhaps the stress of the season has you feeling a little overwhelmed (🙋🏾, yes me too)?

Well, hearing yourself is so crucial, that we are going to spend a little more time on it, and really the most important step in hearing your inner voice is allowing yourself time for self reflection. What do you think of the photo I included today? Doesn’t just looking at the fluidity of the sky and water instantly calm your mind and senses? Well, let’s talk about a few ways to get you to a place where you can reflect, calm your mind and hear your inner voice..

  1.  Create a happy place. Ok, yes, I know we all want to be on the beach in St. Barth’s, and yes that can definitely be your happy place. However, I would gather you can’t get there very often, so how about we consider creating a happy place right where you are? It may not be the same as going to your favorite beach, but creating a space and the time can at least help you recreate the feelings you have when you’re away.  For me, spending a day alone with my music, magazines and journal brings me back to my days living in Paris and it settles my mind so that I can reflect on my current situation. Allowing myself time on Sundays to take a long bath with plenty of essential oils and some chill music brings me back to the spa at Bacara Resort, and allows me to start my week from a place of calm and self-reflection. It sounds so basic, and it is, however, so many of us fail to give the gift of self-connection and reflection. Give it a try, and find at least one thing that you can do right where you are that recounts the feelings you have at your real happy place!
  2. Go Outside. See that picture? There is nothing more calming to your mind and spirit than connecting with nature in some way. I’m not saying you have to go all out and go camping in the woods, but I am saying that you’ve got to put down the device and go outside, even if it’s just sitting on your deck looking at your backyard. Start with 10-15 minutes outside without your phone and just see where your mind takes you. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get to the heart of yourself because it helps you tune out all of the white noise and tune into your own frequency.

The truth is, a self-aware and self-connected woman is incredibly powerful, and isn’t that the goal? The more time you spend trying to hear your inner voice and self-reflecting, the more time you’ll want to spend with yourself. Ultimately, you are growing closer to the person you were created to be and you will love the feeling knowing exactly who you are, what you want and how you’re going to get there. So, as we plan to enter 2018, let’s connect with ourselves just a little bit more, #newyearRealYou.

Love you guys and Merry Christmas,



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